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Why am I a Social Security Disability lawyer?

Social Security disability law attorney Greg Marks practices in Louisville KY, helping clients get the benefits they deserve from the initial filing through the appeals process.Back in the early eighties, I worked as a young paralegal for a legal services program that provided free legal services to economically disadvantaged people in Eastern Kentucky. I frequently worked with recently disabled people by helping them to understand the often-complex Social Security regulations. I also assisted them with filing and pursuing their disability claims.

It was a real eye-opener for me: People who were genuinely disabled, people who could not work even though they wanted to, proud people, people who deserved benefits, were denied benefits by the Social Security Administration. I was stunned. I was also frustrated.

Originally, I had taken the comparatively low-paying paralegal position in Eastern Kentucky because I wanted to help deserving and underserved people. What I discovered was that I was limited by my lack of formal legal training and by the bureaucratic obstacles put in place by the Social Security Administration. Soon I recognized I could be of much greater service if I went back to school, got a law degree, and became a disability attorney. With that degree in hand I would be able to assist people with their Social Security disability claims through their administrative hearings and all the way through to Federal Court if necessary.

So, in 1985, I moved to Louisville to attend the University of Louisville School of Law (now the Louis D. Brandeis School of Law). Since passing the Bar, I have concentrated my practice on Social Security disability law. Am I happy with my decision?

You bet I am: I help people. I change lives! As soon as you meet me you will know I enjoy my work. I feel very fortunate to have a job that allows me to help people determine their disability eligibility, and receive the medical care and benefits they need. I help keep families intact.

I find gratification in all aspects of my practice, as I help clients understand the rules for drawing disability, file their applications, and move through the whole process from the initial filing to disability appeal hearings.

My Family

Social Security Disability Lawyer Greg Marks, his wife, and three children; Marks specializes in Social Security disability claims and appeals, ensuring that people who have been injured or otherwise incapacitated receive benefits including back pay.My wife, Karen, and I have three children. Our daughter is attending the University of Kentucky, and our sons are six and four. We are active members of the boys' PTA and enjoy family activities in our non-working hours. The kids especially love swimming so we find our summers pretty wet.

Recently we purchased a small sailboat. We are planning to spend some time on the water teaching the kids sailing, navigation, preparedness, and safety skills. Undoubtedly, they will teach us a lot of things in the process.

Professional Affiliations

  • Admitted to practice before the federal courts in the Eastern District of Kentucky, the Western District of Kentucky, and the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals.
  • Member in good standing with the Kentucky Bar Association and the Louisville Bar Association.
  • Served as the chairman of the Social Security Section of the Louisville Bar Association.
  • Sustaining member of the National Organization of Social Security Claimants' Representatives.
  • Published in the Northern Kentucky Law Review.